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How Will a Conscious Spiritual Community Help You?

When you come and join with us in our Spiritual Community, you will find that you are not alone!

You, the sacred being that you are, are a part of the Divine. And we wish to celebrate that with you!

You will discover that when spiritual seekers gather together powerful healing and great energy are present.

Inside the Spiritual Community, we are here to be mirrors of love to each other and to be a statement that says, "I love you, that is why I am here."

A Conscious Community helps to support the inner practices that clear the energy field of fear within and around us.

The Conscious Community supports, teaches and holds the energy of individuals doing their own work to clear the inner space. It will support you in your own work to clear your inner space.

A Conscious Spiritual Community creates safety through their Non-Judgment practice. This is the perfect training ground. Non-judgment also means loving and accepting ourselves. We cannot love others if we have not learned to love ourselves.

You will dip into the Space of Grace and bring it home to your loved ones and those you share your week with.

Spiritual Community helps us stay above the "despair" of the world. It provides a refuge where you will be strengthened in your search for Awareness.

A true Sangha (spiritual community) is a community that practices the teaching of liberation and becomes free;
a true Sangha practices the teaching of understanding and becomes more understanding;
a true Sangha practices compassion and becomes more compassionate.
Climbing the hill of the twenty-first century can be very joyful if we climb as a Sangha. If we support each other, we become much stronger, and we can more easily resist the temptation of despair.

Thich Nhat Hanh
Friends on the Path

Come Join Us in Celebration on the second and fourth Sunday of each month!!

Sacred You! Ministry offers classes and programs that support the remembering and nurturing of the beautiful, Divine beings we already are.

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