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Celeste2.jpg Sacred You! ministry was founded by
Rev. Celeste Shakti Hill, M. Div. in the summer of 2005. Rev. Hill spent many years in the high tech corporate world. Her call back to a more spiritual and serviceful life began in earnest around 1997. Her journey led her to the "Love in Action" interfaith seminary at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose, California. Here she studied the world's religions and found the "one truth known by many names", also known as the "Golden Thread of Truth". The heart of these teachings can be summed up by four basic principles :

LEWIt is - There is One source, One energy, called by many names - God, Allah, Great Spirit, Supreme Consciousness, Higher Power

We are It - As there is nothing outside this One, we are all part of It. We are never separate.

We Forget - Because we experience life in human form, we forget that we are Divine beings - never separate.

We Remember - Through practice and faith we remember that we are part of this great Oneness.

Sacred You! ministry's aims and ideals are based on the teachings of Self-realization and the practices of Kriya Yoga, which provide a foundation for spiritual living and support an interfaith environment. Kriya Yoga is a philosophy that supports the goal of Self-Realization (also known as Awakening or Enlightenment) through practices that help us Remember.


IMG_5788.jpgMeditation and Prayer - turning inward to keep in touch with our true Source

Aligned living and Self-Discipline- Living in alignment with our highest good

Study and Contemplation - Study and inquiry into our connection with the wholeness of life

Service and Surrender - Living in the truth that we are all One.


Sacred You! ministry's mission is to support individuals awakening to their own Divinity. Through personal awakening, we awaken our families, our communities, and our world. Spiritual Awakening is a personal journey. Each of us touches this inner Divinity in different ways -by being in nature, in community, in silence, by singing, or dancing, to name just a few. And we are here on this planet at an auspicious time in our world where many are Awakening and sharing their gifts. We have a great opportunity to come together in community to celebrate the richness of our differences, instead of fearing them.


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Sacred You! ministry brings together this richness of diversity in a forum of collaboration and celebration. We do this by offering classes, events, products and services that awaken the body, mind, spirit, and heart to this Oneness. Together we are building a community of Awakened healers and peacemakers.

Sacred You! ministry is a non-profit organization. Your gifts are tax deductible and support our work of Personal and World Peace. Checks are gratefully accepted at the address bellow. Thank you.


Sacred You!
P.O. Box 974 • Placerville, CA 95667

Phone: 530-295-7264  


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