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August 2006
Rev. Celeste Shakti Hill

Making a Difference
The Good News stories I have chosen this issue once again are inspirational and uplifting. They are about ordinary people making a difference. Sometimes we are thrown into incredible circumstances, like the parents of Nicholas Green. And most often it is the little things we do each day that make a difference, like the "We are what we do" list. We are the change we seek, the peace we seek, the community we seek.
Take time to expose yourself to inspiring and uplifting environments. There really is so much good happening in the world, every day. We contribute to keeping the world vibration high by taking care of ourselves, and making sure we get our dose of "Good News" each day. We also feel better, and are nicer to others.
You can find out more about getting your "Good News" fix daily at

The Boy that saved seven Lives
"We are all broken and wounded in this world. Some choose to grow strong at the broken places." -- Harold J. Duarte-Bernhardt
It made headlines, and broke hearts worldwide. Highway robbers shot Nicholas Green, a freckle-faced, 7 year-old from California holidaying in Italy. He died two days later. The story might have ended with that tragedy, but his parents Reg and Maggie Green made a very different decision, and one that had a dramatic impact. They donated their son's organs to seven Italians -- among them a mother who had never seen her baby's face; a diabetic who had been repeatedly in comas; and a boy of 15, wasting away with a heart disease. Today all seven are alive, healthy and leading full lives. The Greens' act of compassion in the midst of devastating circumstances led to an unexpected outpouring of love and support from around the world, and something now called "The Nicholas Effect" -- thanks to which organ donations in Italy alone have nearly tripled.
Be The Change:
Learn more about organ donation today.

We are what we do
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that has." -- Margaret Mead
We Are What We Do -- it's not just a catchy phrase: it's a web movement that inspires people to use their everyday actions to change the world, whoever they are, and wherever they are. They've created 50 simple, everyday actions that can improve our environment, our health, and our communities, making our planet and the people on it happier. To date, over 330,000 small actions (and counting!) have been completed by everyday people. And the origins of this ripple effect? One woman quitting her job simply to volunteer.
Here are just a few of the many things you can do:
•Decline plastic bags wherever possible •Read a story with a child •Fit at least one energy-saving light bulb
•Learn basic first aid •Smile and smile back •Learn one good joke
•Plant a tree •Have a bath with someone you love •Take public transport when you can
•If it says 30mph, do 30mph •Turn your thermostat down by 1° •Get fitter, feel better
•Use your will to good effect •Turn off appliances at the mains •Recycle your mobile phone
•Spend time with someone from a different generation •Register online as an organ donor •Give your change to charity
•Try watching less TV •Learn to be friendly in another language •Turn off unnecessary lights
•Find out how your money is invested •Have more meals together •Put your gum in the bin

Be The Change:
Do one of the 50 simple everyday actions suggested by We Are What We Do, and take fifteen seconds to check it off and update it on their website here.


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